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Our Newark Irrigation Team Helps You Pick the Right System

our Newark Sprinkler Repair team suggests rotary heads for large areas of grassIf its your first time purchasing a sprinkler system in Newark, CA or looking for a replacement, you'll want to know which type will best meet your needs. The size of your lawn or garden will decide how large the system you require needs to be and how many sprinkler heads your lawn will need. Your technician can help you to discern how to zone each sprinkler for maximum coverage.

Manual Irrigation Systems

Our Newark Irrigation team suggests manual systems for areas with low water pressureWith a manual irrigation system, you enjoy more control, but you'll have to be present to turn taps on and off. You can use electric or mechanical tap timers, but these are known to lower the flow rate substantially. This kind of system may use overhead sprinklers or permanent risers. If you opt for an underground version, water pressure will push water upwards through sprinkler heads to cover the expanse of your lawn and garden.

Rotary Sprinklers

we suggest rotary heads for large lawnsThe rotary motion of the sprinkler heads in this kind of system can cover large distances (up to 100 feet).

It requires less water and provides more coverage than conventional sprinkler systems.

Drip Irrigation Systems

we suggest drip systems for large bushes and trees as well as planting bedsAn excellent idea for a garden, drip irrigation uses less water and facilitates delivery to the roots of plant life. You can choose between fixed or adjustable drippers. Fixed drippers can provide up to eight liters hourly.

Adjustable drippers can provide as much as forty-five liters of water to irrigate large lawns and gardens every hour. Installed correctly, the risk of evaporation is substantially reduced with this method.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

using a timer can allow you to water even when you're not homeAn automatic system is an excellent choice for a family on the go. You won't need to be home to run an automatic sprinkler, and you can set it to irrigate your lawn at the time of day you consider to be most beneficial.

Automatic systems can also be installed underground.

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