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Our Newark Sprinkler Repair Team Pinpoints Problems Fast

Our Newark Sprinkler Repair team will get your lawn looking good fastIf you're not sure what to expect from sprinkler repair in Newark, CA, give us a call, and we'll walk you through it. Our estimates give detailed prices based on project specifics. You'll only pay for what you actually need. We make every effort to salvage systems that don't require replacement.

Our specialists know the inner workings of sprinkler systems in Newark, CA, and their ability to pinpoint system malfunctions will save you time and money. There's no guesswork here. We'll honor our assessment of what your system needs and how much it will cost to provide it.

call now: 510-493-7181

We Can Optimize your Irrigation Delivery

If your system has caused the soil to become loose because your sprinkler heads have over watered certain zones on your lawn, we can help there, too. Grass and other plant life may stop growing in overly saturated patches of lawn. Nutrients will also be washed away before they have a chance to penetrate the roots of your plants and lawn. Our Newark sprinkler repair technicians will check for sprinkler heads that are broken or misaligned and help you to identify the root cause of the issues you're experiencing.

Full Service Irrigation Repair & Installation in Newark California

  • our sprinkler experts handle your system every step of the wayAdjustment and repair of broken sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Repair of controllers
  • Leaks in irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Problems with wiring
  • Valve location and replacement
  • General maintenance
  • Tune-ups for the Spring and Fall seasons
  • Repair of controllers and malfunctioning control valves
  • Backflow prevention repair
  • Full system repairs
  • Pipe repair
  • Installation of new systems
  • Seasonal inspections
  • System replacement
  • Wiring issues
  • Pool rerouting
  • Pump system installation
  • Rain and Freeze sensor installation
  • Coverage issues
  • We also offer services in landscaping, and masonry.

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